Top 5 at Home Remedies To Reverse Grey Hair

five at home remedies to reverse grey hair

Although grey hair is natural, it is not always welcome. Whether you are a salt and pepper dude just seeing the grey hairs roll in or have fully gone grey, looking for solutions to cover it up is normal. You can still have the wisdom that comes with age, but just choose to skip the greying part.

Why Does Hair Grey?

Hair goes through a natural cycle of growing, dying, and regenerating. As you age, the pigment cells in the hair follicle gradually die. When this happens the strand of hair no longer contains the same amount of melanin and will become transparent, appearing grey, white, or silver as it grows. So the reason hair turns grey is due to age, fewer pigment cells, and the production of melanin.

When Does Hair Go Grey?

Genetics, ethnicity, and gender determine around what age your hair begins to grey. Typically people start seeing grey hairs between their late-20s and mid-30s.

Five at Home Remedies To Reverse Grey Hair

Now that we have laid the foundation, let’s get into the meat of it. Read through the below to get the answers for how to prevent and reverse those greys.

  1. Stock the Vitamin Cabinet

You are not alone in tackling grey hair; you have vitamins and minerals at your side. Vitamins play a vital role in hair health, and minerals can help boost hair growth and repair. Check out the must-haves below.

Vitamin A

B Vitamins, including B-12 and biotin

Vitamin D

Vitamin E






There is no need to take a handful of these all at once. You’ll find that a lot of supplements combine what you need into one easy capsule. You can also look into alternate ways of ingesting the vitamins and minerals through powders, patches, sprays, and gummies.

  1. Stop Smoking Tobacco

Smoking is overall bad for you and the people around you, but it can also harm hair growth and lead to premature hair greying. Nicotine and tobacco constrict the blood vessels and reduce blood flow to hair follicles, causing them to shrink. So, whether you need another reason not to stop smoking tobacco or not, here it is.

  1. Wear Sun Protection

Too much time in the sun without sun protection or sunscreen is bad for the skin and the hair. UV rays from the sun can damage the hair and scalp, resulting in dry hair and premature greying. Therefore, if you are heading out into the sun, put your dad cap on and wear some sunscreen.

  1. Stop Damaging Your Hair

For some, this tip is easier said than done. Below are common ways people damage their hair. Take it one by one and see where you can make changes.


Hair dryer

Flat iron

Curling iron

Washing too frequently

Harsh ingredients in shampoo and conditioner

Brushing wet hair

Using a brush instead of a wide-toothed comb

  1. Stop Stressing

Stress and greying hair go hand in hand. Specifically, oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is when there is an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals in the body; this triggers cell and tissue damage and leads to premature aging. Over time, chronic, untreated stress causes inflammation and can end up turning off the cells responsible for producing melanin. As we learned above, when there is a decrease in melanin hair goes grey.

So, again, not that you need another reason to stop stressing but here is another opportunity to consider incorporating breathing exercises, mindfulness, and meditation to your everyday.

What Is The Best Way to Reverse Greying Hair?

Well, there are a number of holistic remedies you can try at home to reverse greying hair. We have listed our favorites below. But, if you want guaranteed results, then you should be picking up GoneGrey.

Coconut Oil

About every other day, give your scalp a coconut oil massage and wash your hair in the morning as usual.


Every day, take a teaspoon of ginger with a tablespoon of honey. The ginger can be freshly grated or cold-pressed.

Wheatgrass Juice

Every day, drink one to two ounces of fresh wheatgrass or invest in a powder to add to your soups or smoothies.


Ashwagandha is also known as Indian ginseng. Take an ashwagandha supplement or tincture every day with food.

Almond Oil

For three months, two times a day, massage a mixture of equal parts almond oil, amla juice, and lemon juice into your scalp.


Rosemary and extra virgin olive make a great hair oil. Fill ⅓  of an 8-ounce jar with dried rosemary and top it with olive oil. Leave the jar in the sun for four to six weeks, shaking it every few days. Drain into a bottle, sifting out the dried rosemary to use as hair oil.

What Is GoneGrey?

Now that you have massaged your scalp and eaten a lot of sort of spicy things, let’s get to GoneGrey.

GoneGrey is your hair reactivated. With clinically proven ingredients, GoneGrey stimulates melanin and helps kickstart your natural hair color production. The all-star ingredient list includes:

  • Wisegrade™ - Reverses grey 
  • Greyverse - Prevents, stops, and reverses grey
  • Darkenyl™ - Increases melanin production
  • Capixyl™ - Hair growth stimulant
  • Hairdian AP - Helps reduce hair loss
  • Caphira® - Anti-hair loss and follicle protection
  • PhytoCellTec™ Argan - Dermal stem cell revival

These ingredients increase melanin production in the bulb and lower oxidative stress. The result is reactivated, repigmented hair.

gone grey before/after

GoneGrey is vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and contains no gluten. It is also environmentally friendly. All products are refillable, made of recycled material, and completely recyclable, ensuring that the solution to your greys ends up in your hands, not the landfill.

All you need to do is spray GoneGrey directly on dry hair every morning from a distance of four to eight inches and lightly brush or massage through the hair. That’s it. With GoneGrey, you will notice a significant reduction in grey hair in as little as four months, an increase in hair fortification, and an increase in shine to your mane. And not only does GoneGrey reduce greys, but it also prevents and reverses hair loss.

You’ve got it all in one place, and it’s right here in the form of GoneGrey. Happy de-greying!

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